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This is simply an address list of local churches in the UK which aim to live by New Testament principles. It is not a copy of anyone elses list, and is certainly not exhaustive. Inclusion in this list does not imply any commendation on my part, though I will try to check out as much of the information as I can.

I am aware that there are formal organisations out on the WWW attempting to list local churches, however, many assemblies are wary of compromising their autonomy and independence by associating with organisations. Hopefully, however, being included on my informal, unofficial web page won't be seen in the same way.

If you'd like to add details of assemblies you are familiar with please e-mail me, quoting any URL if available: andyabel@gmail.com Where possible I would like to include a contact e-mail address with each entry, so please indicate on any e-mail as to whether you are willing to be the contact. Thanks.

Note: in the USA the Christian brethren are known as the Plymouth Brethren - this is not a term we use in the UK since the term 'Plymouth Brethren' is a separate group that some consider to be a sect.

Whilst these days many assemblies in the UK diverge from these practices, the aim should always be to maintain a simple, New Testament church approach to all we do.

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A list of Christian assemblies or independent churches
(commonly known as the Christian brethren)
in the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic




Northern Ireland

The Republic of Ireland


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